I design books.
Here are some
I have done in
the past few

I do typesetting

Get in touch
if you'd like
me to do


Rikke Villadsen:
Et knald til

Somewhat pornographic feminist queer western, using and playing with the tropes of the genre.


Søren Glosimodt Mosdal: Fimbulvinter

An epic and bloody tragedy about viking chief Erik the Red.
Drawing by the author.


Neil Gaiman: Amerikanske guder

An attempt to present a magical, epic roadmovie piece of literary fiction/airport read/fantasy novel.
Paperclip by Simon Bukhave.


Jeg tegner,
når jeg skriver.
Elleve tegnere skriver dagbog

An anthology of eleven comics artists' week-long diary comics.
The cover is all the first pages superimposed.


A.C. Grayling:

An attempt to have the cover reflect the book's clash of religion and humanism: A divine circle vs. the scientist's millimetre paper.


Christopher Marlowe:
Den tragiske
historie om
doktor Faust

A visual representation of the protagonist's gradual damnation.

Shortlisted for an Academy of British Cover Design award.


Kate Colquhoun:
Mr Briggs' Hat.
Den sensationelle beretning om Englands første jernbanemord

Having fun
with blood and Victoriana.


DOKUMENT. Tegneserier i virkeligheden

A tabloid treatment for an anthology
of non-fiction comics.


John Kenn Mortensen:
Post-it-monstre and
Flere Post-it-monstre

Two volumes collecting John's monsters on sticky notes.
Drawings by the author.


Louise Doughty:
Det du elsker

A novel about the loss of a young daughter. I tried to show a children's room with an absence, without making it too overt.


Rikke Bakman:

When the author
of this memoir/ graphic novel
about a day in the 6-year-old life spent at the beach, supplied this goddamn fabulous photo, the cover designed itself.


Christoffer Zieler:
Stejl Fart

Black and white ink on cardboard.
Drawing by the author.


Kate Summerscale:
Mr Whichers mistanker

The real life 1860 origin of the whodunnit: Someone in the house committed a murder. Front and back of the cover show front and back respectively of the actual house. Endpapers are William Morris wallpaper. The title and author name are taken from North London Victorian head- stones. Diecut window.